Weekly and Year-To-Date Performance
INDEX 12/31/2016 12/01/2017 12/08/2017 % Change Week % Change YTD
 Dow Jones Industrial Average  19,762.60 24,231.59 24,329.16  0.40% 23.11%
 S&P 500  2,238.84 2,642.22  2,651.50  0.35% 18.43%
 Nasdaq Composite  5,382.70  6,847.72  6,836.05  -0.17% 27.00%
 Russell Mid-Cap Index  1,783.06 2,058.28  2,062.92  0.23% 15.70%
 Russell Small-Cap Index  1,356.36 1,534.84  1,521.73  -0.85% 12.19%

December 8th, 2017

Dear Friends,

The equity markets finished the week mixed but mostly higher. For the week the Dow Jones Industrials and S&P 500 added 0.40% and 0.35%, while the Nasdaq fell 0.17%.  The Russell Mid-Cap and MSCI EAFE indexes gained 0.23% and 0.01%.  The Russell Small-Cap index fell 0.85%.

Stocks opened the week Monday mixed as the blue-chip Dow claimed another new record high in early trading. The technology sector fell 1.6% to weigh heavily on the Nasdaq and the S&P 500.  Shares of Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet closed with losses of 3.77%, 2.44%, 2.07% and 1.14%.  The financial sector led the day’s gains closing up 1.52% as shares of Bank of America, Citigroup and JPMorgan rose 3.42%, 2.11% and 2.06%.  The Dow closed up 58 points or 0.24%, at 24,290.  The S&P and the Nasdaq were off 0.11% and 1.05%.  Crude prices fell 1.5% to close at $57.47 per barrel.  The 10-year Treasury note was up one basis point yielding 2.375%.

The markets finished to the downside Tuesday despite a bounce back from the tech sector. The sector finished up 0.2% after several days of declines to lead the S&P on the upside.  Crude oil prices ticked higher on rising demand to close up 0.38% at $57.69 per barrel.  Treasury yields flattened again with the difference between the five-year and 30-year closing to the smallest amount in ten years.  International indexes trended lower on the day as well and the U.S. markets followed suit.  The Dow closed down 109 points or 0.45%, at 24,181.  The S&P and the Nasdaq fell 0.37% and 0.19%.  The 10-year Treasury closed down two basis points yielding 2.35%.

Stocks finished mixed Wednesday as technology shares continued to bounce back but weakness in energy and financials weighed on the major indexes. Crude prices fell nearly 3% and the energy sector fell 1.3%.  Shares of Exxon, Chevron and ConocoPhillips were off 0.74%, 0.65% and 1.66%.  The tech sector led on the upside gaining 0.64% as shares of Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft and Amazon added 1.87%, 1.32%, 1.16% and 0.94%.  Financials finished down 0.36% as shares of Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America fell 1.44%, 0.96% and 0.75%.  The Dow closed down 40 points or 0.16%, at 24,141.  The S&P was off just 0.01% and the Nasdaq added 0.21%.

The markets made a solid move higher Thursday on strength in industrials and technology. The tech sector gained 0.62% as shares of Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon and Apple added 2.32%, 1.23%, 0.65% and 0.18%.  Industrials rose 0.92% as shares of Boeing, United Technologies, and Raytheon gained 1.33%, 0.99% and 0.51%.  In economic news weekly jobless claims fell sharply last week.  Crude oil prices rose 1.2% to settle at $56.63 per barrel.  The Dow closed up 71 points or 0.29%, at 24,211.  The S&P and the Nasdaq added 0.29% and 0.54%.  The 10-year Treasury note rose two basis points to close yielding 2.363%.

Stocks closed out the week to the upside Friday after a solid jobs report bolstered confidence. The nation’s economy added 228,000 jobs last month and the overall unemployment rate held steady at 4.1%.  The internal figures showed wages rising 0.2% in the month, which brings the annual rate up to 2.5% from 2.3% a month ago.  Financials finished out the week with gains ahead of next week’s Fed meeting rising 0.61%.  The tech sector made another solid advance gaining 0.47% as shares of Oracle, Microsoft and Alphabet rose 2.23%, 2.02% and 0.59%.  The Dow finished up 118 points or 0.49%, at 24,329.  The S&P and the Nasdaq added 0.55% and 0.34%.  Crude prices finished up 1.22% at $57.38 per barrel.  The 10-year Treasury note rose one basis point to close yielding 2.376%.